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cass the chaos
Long time, No update.

I was in LA for a photoshoot with Christina Aguilera. :) That kept me very occupied, which gave me no time to be online. She was actually very sweet and looked amazing, thanks to me haha. While I was out there I did some star hunting, nothing there except K-fed...but I said celebrities. Went to watch Leno, saw Dr. Phil - wow, my trip sucked. lol

Other than that did nothing, I'm just glad to be home. There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed. All I have is pictures of my trip for you, here...Love in LACollapse )

boring life, IM me sometime show me the cass
-The ASS Master.

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First of all, just poked myself in the eye while putting my hair up to start writing this thing. Then I was trying to put a sweatshirt on and put my head in the wrong hole. I'm lame.

My friend Ash is over right now, we are making weird videos of us doing nothing at all interesting. Just the usual, listening to blondie - drinking sparks - and dancing.

ENJOY and yes, that's my room. I'm a messy person, got a problem? :P I'm such a rockstar.

Other than that, I cut Mark's hair for him yesterday. I did a good job, if I do say so myself. =] If anyone else wants a free cut, tell me.

This is the worst entry ever and now it's over. IM me show me the cass

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My second of many updates to come on this internet blog or whatever you people like to call it.

I went shopping with Katie, I bought a new shirt and a pair of jeans. I don't like to go overboard, who needs to have a shopping spree everytime they walk into a store? I'm happy with what I bought, maybe someone will take me out tonight and I can wear these new clothes? Cough I'm bored Cough. Anyways, I did her hair afterwards, she looks fabulous.

Last night I went to watch some bands play, including Putrid. Which was great, Deryck did great. Talked to him after the show, learned a little about him - including that he's a comedian AND thug when he's not being a rockstar. I learn something new everyday haha. He walked me home and then I went up to my place, slept for hours with Miss. Hilton.

I'm bored, so I guess I'll post some cute pictures PICTURESSSCollapse )

Thats all, I'm not doing anything tonight. I think somebody should give me a call, yes.

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Cassie has made her way to Livejournal and I will take my friends with me. I think I got Catori into it as well, she goes where I go.

Anyways my name is Cassie Murphy, well Cassandra...but that ended in grade 7. I'm 21, which means I am legal. Not that age has ever stopped me from consuming massive amounts of alcoholic beverages. I've been studying fashion, make-up, and hair bascially my entire life. I am a stylist, my dream job. It took me awhile to get here and I am just glad that I have this chance. I make a celebrity who they are, their million dollar looks - all me. I tend to do a lot of make-up and hair for runway shows, recently did a few looks at a Marc Jacobs show.

Just moved into my new penthouse apartment, never thought I would ever say that. I grew up in tiny home, always looking for change in the couch cushions. For the first time in my life I don't have to worry about money =].

Thats all for now, get at me on aim show me the cass. Love you.

Current Mood: bored bored
Current Music: jay leno

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