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cass the chaos
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Name: Cassandra Murphy
Nicknames: Cassie or Cass
Birthdate/Age 12/8/84 - 21
Sexual Orientation Straight
Profession Stylist

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Cassie is a crazy person, usually the first one to take off all her clothes and run through the streets. You can trust her with absolutely anything, she's loud but she can keep your secret. She grew up having no money, so she doesn't get along well with people who throw their money on useless shit. She loves to party, dance, and just have a good time.
She is good at taking ordinary clothes and making an amazing outfit out of them. She is one of the nicest, kindest, most trustworthy people out of the others.
Spending money, she hates to waste it. She gets a little too crazy sometimes.

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Molly Steele

not molly steele, i don't even know the chick. so dont add or im me please.